Pengantar pada terbitan Laporan Fatima edisi bahasa Indonesia :

Sesudah Suster Lucia dos Santos de Jesus meninggal dunia di biara Coimbra, Portugal pada tanggal 13 Februari 2005, kuasa Allah mengantarkan rohnya menemui Agnes Sawarno untuk mengundangnya datang ke Fatima. Dalam pesannya, Ibu Maria menugaskan Agnes dan kawan-kawan yang mendampinginya untuk mengadakan ziarah rohani ke Fatima dimana Ibu Maria akan memberikan ‘tanda-tanda’ sebagai pemenuhan janjinya. ( “..dan kemudian aku akan kembali ke tempat ini lagi untuk ke tujuh kalinya.”, Fatima 13 Mei 1917 )
Buku ini merupakan kesaksian dan laporan perjalan ziarah rohani Kelompok Pelayanan Kasih dari Ibu Yang Bahagia yang menyertai Agnes Sawarno ke Fatima dan tempat-tempat lain di Eropa dari tanggal 10 Mei 2005 – 22 Mei 2005.

Introduction for the report on the Pilgrimage tour to Fatima ( English edition )

Soon after Sr.Lucia dos Santos de Jesus passed away on 13 February 2005, God graces send her spirit to Agnes Sawarno to invite her visiting Fatima.  On the following occasion, Mother Mary in her messages entrusted Agnes with an assignment to make a pilgrimage journey to Fatima, together with some friends who will accompany her. Mother Mary promised to give her signs to fulfill her previous promise to Lucia. (“..then I will come back here again a seventh time”, Fatima 13 May 1917)
This book is a testimony as well as a report on the pilgrimage journey by THE COMMUNITY OF THE CHARITY SERVICES OF THE BLESSED MOTHER who accompany Agnes Sawarno to Fatima and other pilgrimage sites in Europe from 10 May 2005  untill 22 May 2005 )

Introduction on the booklet “the Miracle of the sun is performed again”

Before leaving to comply with the assignment of the mission to be witnesses on the fulfillment of Mother Mary’s promise in Fatima, The Community of The Charity Services of The Blessed Mother issued a written testimony in the form of a booklet entitled “THE MIRACLE OF THE SUN IS PERFORMED AGAIN AND THE PURIFICATION IS NEAR”. It was meant to communicate the prophecy about the repetition of the event of the ‘signs’ which would have happened when Agnes Sawarno and those who accompanied her were at Fatima. The booklet were distributed since the day before the 88th celebration of the first apparition at Fatima and in the morning before the procession and the Holy Mass, on 13 May 2005.


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